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The Importance of Personalisation in E-Commerce – Challenges and Opportunities

Join us for an interactive virtual roundtable, with like-minded peers in the Retail Industry - 12:00-13:30 (BST)


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Abhirukt Sapru
Abhirukt Sapru
Vice President

Discussion Topics

The role of ML / AI in driving personalisation
The challenges in delivering data for ML / AI
The difference between exhaust data and data creation
Personalisation opportunities with the right data

Event Format

Introduction from all attendees
Introduction from Snowplow, Abhirukt Sapru
Live Q&A
Network with your peers over the discussion topics
Closing remarks

Event Synopsis

Personalisation in e-commerce isn’t a new, revolutionary idea, so why are most businesses still not getting it right? To power even the simplest of product recommendation engines effectively, machine learning models are needed, and they require clean, high-quality data in an expected format. And the latter is not easy to come by. The reality for most data teams is having to make do with the data that is available as exhaust from other systems, rather than data created for their unique business’s purpose.

Join this roundtable to discuss:

> The increasing importance of personalisation in e-commerce

> Different types of personalisation

> The role of machine learning in driving personalisation

> The challenges in delivering this data

> The difference between exhaust data and data creation

> Personalisation opportunities with the right data

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Snowplow generates, governs and models high-quality, granular behavioral data, ready for use in AI, ML, and advanced analytics applications. When integrated with other tools from the modern data stack, Snowplow can power a wide variety of advanced use cases, allowing organizations to drive significant business value with behavioral data.

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