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Next Gen consumer research powered by AI : Deep Dive on shopper research best practices for 2023.

Join us for an interactive webinar, with like-minded peers in the CPG Industry - June 21st, 13:00-14:00 (BST)


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Stefka Mihaylova
Stefka Mihaylova
VP, Sales

Key Takeaways

AI is the Next Big Thing in Research: Learn how AI makes behavioral research more accessible and scalable, and how AI is changing the landscape of online research platforms.
Introducing AI to Research: Learn in detail about the three emerging AI technologies in research - Facial Coding, Eye Tracking and Voice AI. Learn what kind of insights and metrics they provide in terms of attention, engagement and emotion levels of consumers.
Benefits of AI-powered Platforms: Learn about the long-term implications of AI adoption and the way it benefits execution teams like marketing and sales in having a better understanding of their consumers. Learn how these in-depth insights help brands achieve benefits like higher spend ROI and brand equity.

Event Format

Welcome from Stefka
Interactive live demonstration of Entropik Tech
Deep dive into how AI is changing the landscape of online research platforms
Live Q&A

Event Synopsis

Online research platforms are playing a great role in digitizing traditional research. The platforms are infusing agility and scalability into research methodologies and processes.

In this session, learn how AI enabled technologies like Eye Tracking, Facial Coding and Voice AI are the next big upgrade in consumer research and user research. Learn how these technologies are powering research platforms and infusing accuracy along with agility and scalability to research.

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Event Sponsor

Entropik is a leading AI-powered Integrated Market Research company, founded in 2016. We enable research, marketing, and product teams to move towards a more continuous, collaborative, agile, and scalable way to capture user feedback by democratising research and insights data across the organisation.

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