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The Value of Effective Collaboration in Construction Management

How is your organisation optimising across data, tools, and people, and in what ways can you hone your processes to find further success? Join your peers to discuss the challenges around this, on June 27th at Rosewood London WC1V 7EN.


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Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
VP International

Discussion Topics

How to set up your construction team for collaborative delivery success.
What are the biggest challenges with data fragmentation? 
How can Collaborative Work Management optimise your existing resources and workforce, to overcome economic challenges?

Event Format

Introductions to all attendees, networking with drinks and canapés
Welcome toast from Kinetic Alliance
Introduction from Quickbase, Kevin Brady
3 course meal with drinks, network with your peers over the discussion topics
Closing remarks from Kinetic Alliance & Quickbase, further networking

Event Synopsis

Disconnected information, processes and people have created massive inefficiencies, leading to costly project delays, duplicated work, poor cross-team collaboration, and serious long-term consequences for real estate and construction businesses. Project and workforce information is fragmented, unstandardised, redundant and high risk. With no way to look ahead or behind, contractors have to live day-to-day, unable to optimise past or present data to inform future projects.

Collaborative work management is working…to a point. Traditionally, organisations have used collaborative work management platforms to improve individual productivity and streamline smaller, more dynamic projects and communication. Ultimately, it’s been about managing timelines, tasks, and activities, tracking project status and giving a view into where your work stands. While these platforms have led to improvements in the way we work together, this approach doesn’t solve everything your organisation needs. You need information and capabilities that go beyond project status and team goals not just to track your projects but to make sure you’re delivering the right work, the right way. And that comes with a broadening and a change in how we view collaborative work.

By applying collaborative work management principles when tackling data hyper fragmentation, businesses can elevate their operations, maximise efficiency, and build confidently. How is your organisation optimizing across data, tools, and people, and in what ways can you hone your processes to find further success?

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