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Effective Collaboration and Compliance in Construction Management

The recent Building Safety Act in the UK now requires buildings to have a “Golden Thread” of safety information available to tenants and managers. Join your peers to discuss the challenges around this at The Hyatt Regency, London W1H 7BH.


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Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
VP International

Discussion Topics

How to set up your construction team for collaborative delivery success.
What are the biggest challenges with data fragmentation? 
How are you staying compliant with regulations such as the Building Safety Act?
How are you storing and sharing data needed as part of the Golden Thread regulation?

Event Format

Introductions to all attendees, networking with drinks and canapés
Welcome toast from Kinetic Alliance
Introduction from Quickbase, Kevin Brady
3 course meal with drinks, network with your peers over the discussion topics
Closing remarks from Kinetic Alliance & Quickbase, further networking

Event Synopsis

Disconnected information, processes and people have created massive inefficiencies, leading to costly project delays, duplicated work, poor cross-team collaboration, and serious long-term consequences for construction organisations. Project and workforce information is fragmented, unstandardised, redundant and high risk. With no way to look ahead or behind, contractors have to live day-to-day, unable to optimise past or present data to inform future projects.

Coupled with that complex landscape, the recent Building Safety Act in the UK has added another layer of complexity. This new set of regulations requires buildings to have a “Golden Thread” of safety information available to tenants and managers.

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